Wallpaper is a sort of stuff which is used to decorate and it is creating pleasant mood of a person who having monitor. A wallpaper can use according to a person’s mental feel and also it can use some kind of occasions and celebrations like Christmas, Ramadan, Bakrid, Onam, Halloween day. It can be use for a person’s character and their professions and their daily thought also. A wallpaper can be a photos or graphic or 3d picture and a great personalities picture also with beautiful designs also.

In this blog we are giving pleasant wallpapers which you can use for your laptop, desktop computer and android also. You can leave a comment when you have suggestions and requirement.  We can upload new trendy wallpaper also here. All wallpapers are created our self and you can use it for your requirements. It is colorful wallpaper and its reflecting Indian, Asian, European and all south east countries culture. We hope that we can keep update wallpapers according to situations.  


Cheetah wallpaper free download

Deer wallpaper free download

Elephant wallpaper free download

Monkey wallpaper free download

Tiger wallpaper free download
Here is a wallpaper on Animals. Wild and domestic. Animals are a part of our geo system and its controlling our bio and geographical balances. Each amilams are connecting with human bean as well as other life specious. This animal wallpaper you can use on the occasion of world wild life sa well as educational computer also.           

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  1. so cute! you can find more here - http://www.tomswallpapers.com/30851-wallpaper-wallpaper-deer-animal-horns-opytnoe-muzzle.html